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Community Consultation Meeting

Community Consultation Meeting 

Following a very successful informal meeting with representatives from the local Arney Community including from the Killesher and Cleenish Community Associations and a local history group on 17th Oct 2016. We will be having a follow-up meeting to consult with the wider Arney community on our project proposal on 23rd January at 8pm in Cleenish Millenium Hall, 68 Arney Road, BT92 2AB. All interested parties are welcome along!

The event will be facilitated by Enriched Earth Ecovillage founder and director John-Paul Patton, who will give an overview of the project, introduce some of the team involved and then take a question and answer session. There will hopefully also be some time at the end for informal mingling and chats!

Anyone who can’t make the meeting can always contact us on at anytime with any questions and or suggestions!

It is a core part of the ethos of Ecovillage’s internationally (and our project for sure!) that they work in synergy with local communities to mutual benefit. We have to date been very impressed with the Arney Community in terms of their clear cross-community cooperation and their wonderful sense of heritage and  culture as exemplified in the ‘Battles, Bricks and Bridges’ community archaeology project.

During the last informal meeting we noted two key requests from the community members present. One was the provision of housing for local elderly people in our Ecovillage. This has inspired us to include an innovative fold for the elderly in our Ecovillage plans, that will also include a nursery and elderly joint ‘play area’ and student accommodation to create an enriched social mix. We have seen similar schemes ran successfully and such works with a core part of our ethos of social integration. People at last meeting also asked about employment opportunities and again, the whole Ecovillage is a social enterprise and will be ran as a business and we intend to have it as a hub of employment, from seasonal unskilled labour working on allotments to high level graduate employment in our MultiMedia Centre.

We look forward very much from hearing more ref the needs and requirements of the local community.

In other news:

  • We are applying currently for Peace IV funding
  • We have been short-listed for a £5,000 ULTD Do It grant award (interview for this is on 1st Feb-wish us luck!)
  • We are meeting Minister for Infrastructure on 31st Jan to discuss Stormont adopting the One Planet Development planning policy of Welsh Assembly.
  • We also have secured a meeting with Fermanagh-Omagh District Council on 14th February to present the project to them.
  • We have also been chatting to Leitrim Organic Centre ref a possible formal partnership with them as part of our Cross-Border mandate.
  • We will also be beginning our ‘Investment Readiness’ programme with PWC and the Department for Communities at the start of February.
  • We will also be attending the NI Social Enterprise Conference on 26th Jan as we are passionate about the rise and flourishing of the Third Sector and honoured to be a part of it in making our society a fairer and better place to live for all.

Never a dull moment!

Happy New Year!!!



Community Hall image (c) Kenneth Allen

John-Paul Patton
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