Can a PCM student do B Sc environmental science?


Can PCM student do BSc in environmental science?

As you have studied the PCM in 12 standard. Therefore, technically, you are not eligible to get admission in B.Sc. Environmental Sciences or B. Tech Environmental discipline.

Is biology compulsory for Environmental Science?

The eligibility criteria for the courses of Environmental Science varies from the courses to courses and according to the level of course. For undergraduate courses, the basic eligibility is to pass 10+2 examinations with the compulsory being subjects Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Can PCM student do BSc zoology?

Unfortunately, no! You can’t apply for BSc zoology after completing class 12th with PCM Subject ombination without biology as any side Subject. … But, you can choose other subjects such as BSc in Maths, physics, chemistry or any other non- biology subject.

Can I do MSC environmental science after BSc mathematics?

Answer. Yes, you are eligible for Msc in environmental science. … There will be subjects like: ecology,biology,physics,chemistry,geology,atmospheric etc., they are not a rocket science, if you have science background you don’t need to worry.

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Is maths compulsory for environmental engineering?

Entry requirements

To apply for an environmental engineering degree, you’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent (for example, A-levels in the UK), and will most likely need to provide evidence of background knowledge in subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Can PCB students study environmental science?

Yes, a PCB student can study Environmental science honours which is a highly interdisciplinary field. … and require an understanding of all basic sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics including Math). Other relevant subjects include Environmental studies and environment engineering.

Can I do environmental engineering with PCM?

Having you studied PCM, you may not qualify to apply for a BSc Environmental engineering and yes you are right, Biology is an important subject to study Environmental engineering.

How is math used in environmental science?

Mathematics problems involving basic computations, percents, ratios, tables, circle charts and graphs are used to illustrate environmental issues such as population growth, wastefulness, resource scarcity, air and water pollution, and electrical energy demand.

Can I study biology after PCM?

To be eligible for NEET examination, one should complete 12th standard or an equivalent examination with 50% aggregate marks of Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects from a recognised board. … After completing your class XII with PCM stream, you can again go for another stream that is Biology and do class XII again.

Can you do Zoology without biology?

Zoology is a science-based subject, and most courses won’t consider applicants without an A-Level in Biology and often at least one other science subject too – Chemistry is usually preferred, but it could be Physics or Environmental Science instead, and many Zoology admissions officers look kindly on students with an A …

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Can a PCM student do botany?

Botany should be a subsidiary subject. If you are a student of Pune Universuty- 50% of the marks obtained in the Entrance Examination + 50% of the marks secured in the subject Botany at S.Y. & T.Y. … For students from other universities, selection will take place based on your marks in the entrance exam.

What is eligibility for MSc environmental science?

MSc Environmental Management: Course Highlights

Course level Post Graduate
Duration 2 years
Examination type Semester type
Eligibility criteria Bachelor’s of Science with minimum 55% of marks from any recognized university/college.
Admission Process Merit based or score in entrance examinations.

What is the salary of MSc environmental science?

M.Sc Environmental Science Course Highlights

Course Name M.Sc Environmental Science
Level Postgraduate
Minimum qualification for Admission B.Sc. BE. B.Tech, MBBS
Course fees Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1 Lacs
Starting Salary Rs. 4.00- 6.00 Lacs per Annum