Frequent question: How does cutting trees affect the ecosystem?

How does cutting down of trees cause harm to the environment and our lives?

As you know, trees play a vital role in the generation of oxygen in the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2). The CO2 is a greenhouse gas which increases if trees are cut down at a massive rate. It hampers the balance of the environment resulting in global warming.

How does cutting trees affect animals?

Deforestation can directly lead to biodiversity loss when animal species that live in the trees no longer have their habitat, cannot relocate, and therefore become extinct. Deforestation can lead certain tree species to permanently disappear, which affects biodiversity of plant species in an environment.

Why should we not cut tree?

Earth will lose its top fertile soil layer and get converted into desert. The ecological balance will get disturbed and floods and drought will become more frequent. Wildlife will also be affected.

What will happen if we cut trees?

If we go on cutting of trees, it will disturb the balance in the nature. There will be an increase in the temperature of the earth which will result in global warming. (b) The habitat of animal is disturbed. … In this process the animals would get killed by other animals or humans.

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