How does the Benguela Current affect the climate of western Africa?

How does Benguela Current affect temperature?

The problem facing the Benguela Current from global warming and climate change comes from a rise in the temperature of the water in the oceans, which has led to a rise in the temperature of the waters of the Benguela Current. A Benguela El Niño effect has already been detected.

Which country climate is affected by Benguela Current?

Namibia: Climate of Namibia

coast is cooled by the Benguela Current (which carries with it the country’s rich and recovering fish……

Where do the Agulhas and Benguela currents meet?

South African folklore considers the Cape of Good Hope as the the place where the two oceans meet–the cold Benguela (Atlantic Ocean) and the warm Agulhas (Indian Ocean). But the currents actually intermingle for several hundred miles east and west of the Cape.

How do warm currents influence the climate of Africa?

This is because over warm ocean currents there is high rate of evaporation and the winds that blow over them pick the moisture which winds later rise, cool down and condense to form rainfall e.g. along the East Africa coast and along the west African coast there is heavy rainfall because of the warm Mozambique and warm …

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