How is commingled recycling sorted?

How does recycling get sorted?

Recycling is actually sorted with the support of machines, technology, and equipment, each uniquely designed to capture specific types of material out of the recycling stream. All of this takes place at a Material Recovery Facility or MRF.

Which method is used to separate plastics from commingled waste?

The flotation process separates plastics by their surface properties rather than density. A surfactant makes the thermoplastics hydrophobic, and aeration causes the particles to float—even the relatively dense glass- or talc-filled PP, which would otherwise sink.

What is a recycling sorter?

Recycling Sorters are responsible for inspecting and sorting materials as they pass by on the conveyor line. Each station is responsible for pulling different materials and dropping them into a bin.

What is a commingled recycling bin?

Commingled Recycling

Dry and clean recyclables such as rigid plastics, paper, cardboard, steel and aluminium can be collected in a single bin for recycling. This is the most common recycling stream for households and businesses.

What does comingled recyclables mean?

Commingled recycling means the majority of your food and beverage containers can be thrown into one bin and we‘ll do the sorting for you. Once we collect your recyclables, they’re taken to our state-of-the-art facilities where they are separated, decontaminated, processed, recycled and repurposed.

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What is the sequence of plastic waste recycling?

Plastics are collected and sorted into different types of plastics. The plastic articles are reduced in size i.e. cut up into smaller pieces with a granulator or shredder. The granulated flakes are put through a wash plant to remove labels, residual contents, and soil.

What are the duties of a sorter?

Sorters duties include utilizing factory equipment to sort products efficiently, monitor and exclude defective items, maintain a clean and organized production area, assist in loading and unloading items, perform repairs on malfunctioning equipment, and examine inventories requesting necessary supplies, and adhering to …

What does a Waste Management sorter do?

Inspect materials and sort items or materials into piles or places in container according to type, size, condition, coloring or paper grade. Pull contaminants out of paper or off of floor. Stack boxes and skids.