How much waste is recycled in the EU?

What is Europe’s recycling rate?

The highest average recycling rate in Europe was recorded in Germany, where 65.5% of household waste is recycled and reused. According to our research, Austria came in second with a rate of 57.6%, followed by Belgium, with 53.9%, the Netherlands, with 52.1%, and Switzerland, with 51.8%.

Which country recycles 50% of its wastes?

Recycling just over half of household waste may seem quite a low rate, but Eunomia says that reported recycling rates have been overstated. For instance it has been reported that Sweden recycles almost all of its waste.

What percentage of our waste is recyclable?

The EPA estimates that 75% of the American waste stream is recyclable, but we only recycle about 30% of it. We generate 21.5 million tons of food waste each year. If we composted that food, it would reduce the same amount of greenhouse gas as taking 2 million cars off the road.

How much plastic is recycled in EU?

The average recycling rate of plastic packaging waste in the EU has increased considerably in recent decades and stood at 42 percent as of 2018. EU plastic packaging recycling rates vary widely by country though, with some EU members recycling less than 30 percent of their plastic packaging waste.

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How much does Germany recycle?

Of the 8.5 million tons of existing recycling capacity, more than 1.5 million is available in Germany. Of the 8.5 million tons of existing recycling capacity, Germany has over 1.5 million. Of the 8.5 million tons of existing recycling capacity, Germany has over 1.5 million.

Why is Germany so good at recycling?

Germany has been very successful in its fight against growing garbage heaps. … This clever system has led to less paper, thinner glass and less metal being used, thus creating less garbage to be recycled. The net result: a drastic decline of about one million tons less garbage than normal every year.

How much waste goes to landfill in the UK?

The State of The Nation: Recycling in The UK

Of the 26m tonnes of waste produced in the UK, 12m tonnes are recycled, and 14m tonnes are sent to landfill sites.

How much of plastic is recycled?

Only 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled. About 12% has been incinerated, while the rest — 79% — has accumulated in landfills, dumps or the natural environment.