Is North East India A biodiversity hotspot?

Why North East India is rich in biodiversity?

North east India harbours primary tropical to alpine forests in its almost undisturbed state due to variability in climate and topography and comparatively lesser disturbance in states like Arunachal Pradesh. The region is also rich in medicinal plants and several rare and endangered taxa [5,22,35,36].

Where are the biodiversity hotspots in India?

India hosts 4 biodiversity hotspots: the Himalayas, the Western Ghats, the Indo-Burma region and the Sundaland (Includes Nicobar group of Islands). These hotspots have numerous endemic species.

How many biodiversity hotspots are there in Assam?

Assam has the distinction of having 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites (Manas and Kaziranga) 2 Biosphere Reserves (Dibru-Saikhowa and Manas) 4 Tiger Reserves (Kaziranga, Manas, Nameri and Rajib Gandhi Orang National Parks) and 5 Elephant Reserves.

Why is Manipur called a biodiversity hotspot?

Imphal, August 31 2013 : Manipur is home to many plants, animals and microbial resources. … He added that the region is a site for gene diversity of many domestic crops and a secondary site place for several economically important plant and animal species.

What defines a biodiversity hotspot?

To be classified as a biodiversity hotspot, a region must have lost at least 70 percent of its original natural vegetation, usually due to human activity. There are over 30 recognized biodiversity hotspots in the world. The Andes Mountains Tropical Hotspot is the world’s most diverse hotspot.

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Which is not a biodiversity hotspot in India?

Indo-burma — it includes north eastern india. Assam and Andaman islands are exceptions. Sundalands— it includes nicobar islands. These are deltas where Ganga and Brahmaputra join.

Which regions are included in biodiversity hotspots?

Officially, four out of the 36 Biodiversity Hotspots in the world are present in India: the Himalayas, the Western Ghats, the Indo-Burma region and the Sundaland. To these may be added the Sundarbans and the Terrai-Duar Savannah grasslands for their unique foliage and animal species.

Is Eastern Ghats a biodiversity hotspot?

Biodiversity hotspots are located only in tropical regions. 2. India has four biodiversity hotspots i.e., Eastern Himalayas, Western Himalayas, Western Ghats and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. … In India, Eastern Ghats and Western Himalaya are the biodiversity hot spots.

How many hotspots are there in Assam?

Top hotspots

Rank Region Species
12 Manas NP–Banasbari Lodge 330
13 Orang National Park 324
14 Kaziranga NP & Surroundings–Central Bagori Range 321
15 Dibru-Saikhowa NP 320