Is the loss of habitat the major cause of wildlife extinction?

Is habitat loss the most frequent cause of extinctions today?

Habitat loss is the most frequent cause of extinctions today. … Climate change may cause many extinctions but also expands the ranges of other species.

Which one of the following is not a major cause of wildlife extinction?

The correct answer is Fast pace of population growth. According to the official answer key, the fast pace of population growth does not lead to a major cause of Wildlife Extinction.

What is the main cause of extinction in plant and animals species?

The main cause of the extinctions is the destruction of natural habitats by human activities, such as cutting down forests and converting land into fields for farming. Due to human activities, populations of many species have become small and isolated.

How does habitat degradation caused extinction of species?

Habitat destruction renders entire habitats functionally unable to support the species present; biodiversity is reduced in this process when existing organisms in the habitat are displaced or destroyed. … The primary cause of species extinction worldwide is habitat destruction.

What are the causes of depletion of wildlife in India?

Causes of Extinction of Wildlife

  • Degradation of ecosystem.
  • Loss of habitat.
  • Loss of mobility.
  • Limitation of expansion of vegetation.
  • International trade. The trade of some items of wild origin such as animals fur, bones, tusks, musk or as orchids, medicinal plants resulted in the decline of wild animals and plants.
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