Question: What effect can fertilizer runoff have on a aquatic ecosystem?

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What effect can fertilizer runoff have an aquatic ecosystem Brainly?

Answer: increased plant growth leading to a decrease in fish populations.

What are some environmental factors that can cause changes in ecosystems quizlet?

Some environmental factors that can cause changes in ecosystems are extreme weather, disease, land use change, invasive species, and pollution.

Do ecosystems have trouble adjusting to short term changes?

Ecosystems have trouble adjusting to short-term changes.

How does runoff affect the ocean?

As the rainwater enters the ocean, its speed slows and the sediment particles eventually settle out onto the seagrass beds and coral reefs and rocks lining the bays. … The smaller particles stay in suspension longer and get carried farther out to sea.

How does fertilizer affect the water cycle?

The nutrients of fertilizer that helps plants grow can pollute the water and affect the water cycle in a bad way. When fertilizer gets in the water it makes a rapid growth in algae in the water. This causes bacteria to feed off the algae and it consumes all the dissolved oxygen.

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How does fertilizer runoff affect the estuary where the river meets the ocean?

Farms and factories needed to sustain all those people release fertilizers and toxic chemicals into our rivers, streams, and estuaries. … Fertilizer runoff causes coastal algae to proliferate; the algae take most of the oxygen in the water, causing fish to die and disrupting the food chain for humans and other organisms.

What are the three things that can cause an ecosystem to change?

Important direct drivers include habitat change, climate change, invasive species, overexploitation, and pollution.

How can urbanization affect an ecosystem?

Urbanization also affects the broader regional environments. Regions downwind from large industrial complexes also see increases in the amount of precipitation, air pollution, and the number of days with thunderstorms. Urban areas affect not only the weather patterns, but also the runoff patterns for water.

Which factors will cause a change within an ecosystem?

The most important direct drivers of change in ecosystems are habitat change (land use change and physical modification of rivers or water withdrawal from rivers), overexploitation, invasive alien species, pollution, and climate change.