Quick Answer: What are the two most important variable gases that affect weather and climate?

What are the most important gases for weather and climate?

The most abundant gas in the atmosphere is nitrogen, with oxygen second. Argon, an inert gas, is the third most abundant gas in the atmosphere.

Which variable gas is the most important for weather and why?

Water vapor is the gas that has the most effect on weather conditions in an air mass. Water vapor has an influence on both precipitation and air temperature. The amount of water vapor in the atmosphere is highly variable in different places on Earth.

What are the two gases needed for weather to occur?

The table indicates that nitrogen and oxygen are the main components of the atmosphere by volume. Together these two gases make up approximately 99% of the dry atmosphere.

What are variable gases?

Some of the gases are “permanent,” meaning that their concentrations are basically constant. Other gases are “variable,” meaning that their concentrations vary from time to time and place to place.

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How do variable gases affect climate?

Water vapor and carbon dioxide are the most important of the variable gases because (1) they are the most abundant variable gases and (2) they both act as greenhouse gases, due to their ability to absorb infrared (IR) radiation, which causes the Earth’s surface to be warmer than if there was no atmosphere.

What are the two most common gases in the atmosphere?

Gases in Earth’s Atmosphere

Nitrogen and oxygen are by far the most common; dry air is composed of about 78% nitrogen (N2) and about 21% oxygen (O2).

What has the greatest effect on weather and climate?

On the surface, the greatest factor affecting Earth is sunlight. Sun provides energy for living organisms, and it drives our planet’s weather and climate by creating temperature gradients in the atmosphere and oceans.

What are the two atmospheric gases that have the biggest effect on the Earth’s climate and why?

Eventually, the vibrating molecules release the radiation, which will likely be absorbed by another greenhouse gas molecule. This process keeps heat near the Earth’s surface. Most of the gas in the atmosphere is nitrogen and oxygen, which cannot absorb heat and contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Which gas is a variable gas in the atmosphere quizlet?

Important variable gases are carbon dioxide, water vapor, and ozone.

Which gas has variable composition in the atmosphere?

The Variable Gasses

Gas Symbol Importance
Carbon Dioxide – it’s on the increase in atm. CO2 ANSWER
Methane – it’s also on the increase in atm. CH4 ANSWER
Nitrous Oxide N2O ANSWER
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Which is the second most important gas found in the atmosphere?

The most abundant gas in the Earth’s atmosphere is nitrogen. The second most abundant gas is oxygen.