What are the characteristics of equatorial climatic region?

What are the five characteristics of equatorial climate?

The area has high temperatures ranging from between 24°c and 30°c. -The area receives rainfall throughout the year. -Low diurnal temperatures range. -Covers low latitude areas.

What are the characteristics of equatorial forest?

The recurring features of rainforests are basically the following:

  • high animal and vegetal biodiversity.
  • evergreen trees.
  • dark and sparse undergrowth interspersed with clearings.
  • scanty litter (organic matter settling on the ground)
  • presence of “strangler” creepers (e.g. Ficus spp.)

What are the characteristics of the natural vegetation of equatorial climatic region?

High temperature and abundant rainfall in the equatorial regions support a luxuriant type of vegetation-the tropical rain forest. In the Amazon lowlands, the forest is so dense and so complete in its vegetational extravagance that a special term ‘selvas’ is used.

What is equatorial region?

Equatorial regions are those areas of the Earth that straddle the Equator, which is 0 degrees latitude, with tropical wet climates.

What are the characteristics of equatorial rainforest of Asia?

Conditions – Maximum sunlight, rain and wind. Temperatures are lower at night. Plants – epiphytes – plants living in tree crowns for light. Conditions – trees compete for light, nearly all rain intercepted.

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What are the three characteristics of climate?

The Earth’s surface can be divided into three climatic zones based on rainfall and temperature controlled by atmospheric convection currents. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification system further subdivides the Earth’s surface based on rainfall, temperature and seasonal patterns.

How is the equatorial climate?

Description of the equatorial climate

They are hot and wet all year round – this creates a humid climate. The annual rainfall is high as it rains almost every day. The temperatures are constant all year round – the temperature range is usually only a few degrees. There are no seasons.