What are the divisions and offices of the Environmental Protection Agency?

How many divisions does the EPA have?

EPA has ten regional offices across the country, each of which is responsible for several states and in some cases, territories or special environmental programs. To find information about visiting the regional offices, select your state or territory from the list or click on the map below.

What are the 11 headquarters offices of the EPA?

EPA also conducts work in 10 regional offices headquartered in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Kansas City, Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle. EPA labs are scattered across the country and address a wide range of research activity.

What department is environmental protection?

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies, guidelines, and rules related to environmental management, as well as the management and conservation of the country’s natural resources.

What are 5 functions of the environmental Protection Agency EPA )?

The EPA has five main objectives, called “core functions.” These include: 1) Pollution Prevention, which is also know as “source reduction”; 2) Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction, which is the task of identifying those issues which pose the greatest risks to human health and the environment and taking action to reduce …

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What offices have a geographic focus?

Offices with a Geographic Focus

  • Chesapeake Bay Program Office.
  • Great Lakes National Program Office.
  • EPA Region 4 Gulf of Mexico Division.
  • Mountains, Deserts and Plains Office.

What you mean by green engineering?

Green engineering approaches the design of products and processes by applying financially and technologically feasible principles to achieve one or more of the following goals: (1) decrease in the amount of pollution that is generated by a construction or operation of a facility, (2) minimization of human population …

What is the role of the Environmental Protection Agency?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for the protection of human health and the environment. EPA: Provides technical assistance to support recovery planning of public health and infrastructure, such as waste water treatment plants.

How many agencies make up the EPA?

The EPA has its headquarters in Washington, D.C., regional offices for each of the agency’s ten regions, and 27 laboratories. The agency conducts environmental assessment, research, and education.

United States Environmental Protection Agency.

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Agency executives Michael S. Regan, Administrator Janet McCabe, Deputy Administrator
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