What are the two types of severe mid latitude climates?

What are the 2 continental climates?

Continental climates are found in inland areas. They are too far from oceans to experience the effects of ocean water. Humid continental climates are found between 40 and 60 north latitude. Subarctic continental climates are found between 60 and 70 north latitude.

Where are middle latitude climates?

In geographical terms, the middle-latitude climate zone is generally located between the poleward edges of the subtropical high pressure systems (approximately 35° N and S), and the beginnings of the polar circulations (approximate 60° N and S).

What are the five types of middle latitude climates?

coast, steppe, humid continental, humid subtropical, and mediterranean. The diagram below shows the different characteristics of middle-latitude climates.

What makes the severe midlatitude climates severe in name?

The severe midlatitude climates occur only in the northern Hemisphere because the Southern Hemisphere has limited landmasses at the appropriate latitudes – between 40 and 70 degrees.

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