What do you mean by environmental conservation explain with suitable example?

What is the example of environmental conservation?

Conservation protects the environment through the responsible use of natural resources. Preservation protects the environment from harmful human activities. For example, conserving a forest typically involves sustainable logging practices to minimize deforestation.

What is mean by environmental conservation explain?

Environmental conservation is the protection, preservation, management, or restoration of natural environments and the ecological communities that inhabit them.

What is some examples of conservation?

An example of conservation is a program to try to preserve wetlands. An example of conservation is a program to try to save old buildings. An example of conservation is an attempt to minimize the amount of electricity you use by turning off lights when you leave a room.

What is environmental conservation class 10?

Answer: Environmental conservation is a broad term which refers to the actions we take in order to protect our planet and conserve its natural resources. Environment conservation can have various components like conservation of forests, conservation of water resources etc.

What is environmental conservation class 5?

Answer: Conservation is the protection of the natural environment which includes plants, animals, habitats and natural resource. It means prevention of loss, waste, damage and destruction to the environment.

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What is the need of environmental conservation?

Need of Environmental Conservation: 1)To maintain the clean, pollution free air, water and land. 2) To conserve the natural resources. 3) To maintain balance in nature. 4)To solve natural and artificial problems.

What are 4 examples of conservation?

What are the 4 types of environmental conservation?

  • Forest conservation.
  • Soil conservation.
  • Managing waste.
  • Recycling.
  • Reducing our water consumption.
  • Control pollution.
  • Create public awareness.

What is conservation Short answer?

noun. the act of conserving; prevention of injury, decay, waste, or loss; preservation: conservation of wildlife;conservation of human rights. official supervision of rivers, forests, and other natural resources in order to preserve and protect them through prudent management.

What is the conservation means?

1 : a careful preservation and protection of something especially : planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, destruction, or neglect water conservation wildlife conservation. 2 : the preservation of a physical quantity during transformations or reactions.

What is conservation and types of conservation?

Conservation can broadly be divided into two types: … This is in-situ conservation and the natural processes and interaction are conserved as well as the elements of biodiversity. Ex-situ: The conservation of elements of biodiversity out of the context of their natural habitats is referred to as ex-situ conservation.

How would you describe environmental conservation as a subject?

Environmental conservation is basically the practice of us humans to save the environment from collapsing, such as loss of species, ecosystems due to pollution and human activities. This helps both trees and animals, since some of us are dependent on them to survive.

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What are the main types of conservation?

Hence the main aim of conservation is to preserve the natural resources, forests, wildlife, plants and biodiversity.