What do you think is more important in biodiversity and why richness or evenness?

What is more important species richness or evenness?

Species richness is the single most important component of species diversity. The evenness of species relative abundances is another key component. It is determined with a standardized index of relative species abundance (Krebs 1999). … If this is so, then we do not need to determine species evenness.

Why is species richness and evenness important to biodiversity?

Species evenness is important to biodiversity because it gives an indication of the stability of an ecosystem.

Why are both richness and evenness important measures?

Why are they both important measures? Species richness measures the number of different species while species evenness tells whether the ecosystem has a dominant species or has similar abundances of all species. Both measures is needed to evaluate the biodiversity of an ecosystem.

What does evenness do to biodiversity?

Biodiversity is defined and measured as an attribute that has two components — richness and evenness. … The more equal species are in proportion to each other the greater the evenness of the site. A site with low evenness indicates that a few species dominate the site.

Does biodiversity richness mean the same thing as biodiversity evenness?

For example, species richness is the number of different species present. However, diversity depends not only on richness, but also on evenness. Evenness compares the similarity of the population size of each of the species present. The number of species per sample is a measure of richness.

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What is the importance of species richness?

If you have more number of species , more will be species richness hence stable will be the ecosystem. More species richness will contribute to increase in biodiversity also which is an important aspect biodiversity conservation.

Why is biodiversity important to human biodiversity?

Biodiversity is important to humans for ecological life support, biodiversity gives a functioning ecosystem that provides oxygen, clear air and water, plant pollutions, pest control, wastewater treatment and lots of ecosystem services.