What is an indirect ecological interaction?

What is the difference between indirect and direct interactions give an example of each?

Give a real example of each. A direct interaction deals with the direct impact of one individual on another when not mediated or transmitted through a third individual. … An indirect interaction is the impact of one organism or species on another that is mediated or transmitted by a third. Ex.

What is ecological interaction?

Ecological interaction is defined as the relation of two different or the same species that live in a specific community.

What are the ecological relationship in an ecosystem?

There are six ecological relationships in which two are oppositional and four are symbiotic. The oppositional relationships are predation and competition. The symbiotic relationships are mutualism, commensalism, amensalism, and parasitism.

What is the difference between commensalism and mutualism?

Mutualism is the interaction between two or more organisms where both organisms can benefit from the interaction. … Commensalism is when two species interact and one benefits, but the other organism is neither harmed nor benefited. Examples of commensalism are barnacles that grow on whales.

What is an example of commensalism?

Another example of commensalism is one organism using another as a means of transportation. A lot of insects, fish, and other animals use each other in this way, but a good example is the remora. This is a type of suckerfish that will attach itself to sharks and other big fish to catch an underwater ride.

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