What is one biotic factor that can affect the outcome of competition?


What are the biotic factors that affect?

The biotic factors in an ecosystem are the other organisms that exist in that ecosystem. How they affect an individual organism depends on what type of organism it is. The other organisms (biotic factors) can include predators, parasites, prey, symbionts, or competitors.

What are the biotic factors that can affect animals when competing?

Biotic factors

  • food availability.
  • competition for environmental resources.
  • grazing.
  • predation.
  • disease.

Is competition an biotic factor?

Competition is a biotic relationship that can have a substantial impact on populations of organisms. … Organisms can compete for varying resources- food, mates, space, or access to light or chemical nutrients. The more similar the needs of the competitors, the fiercer the competition between them tends to be.

How biotic factors affect abiotic factors?

The abiotic factors will define which organisms are able or not to live in a specified place. The living organisms will constitute the biotic factors, which define if and how can an organism live in a specified environment. So, the abiotic factors are controling the biotic factors of an environment. Hope it helps you !

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What are three biotic factors that can affect an organism?

Biotic factors such as soil bacteria, plant life, top predators, and polluters can all profoundly shape which organisms can live in an ecosystems and what survival strategies they use.

How are animals biotic factors?

A biotic factor is a living organism that affects another organism in its ecosystem. Examples include plants and animals that the organism consumes as food, and animals that consume the organism.

How does biotic factors affect organisms in an ecosystem?

The biotic factors in an ecosystem are the living organisms, such as animals. Biotic factors in an ecosystem are the participants in the food web, and they rely on each other for survival. … These living organisms affect each other and influence the health of the ecosystem.

What biotic factors do animals need to survive?

Biotic factors or living parts of the ecosystem include animals, plants, fungi, protists, and bacteria. Plants and algae are called producers. They produce oxygen and food that animals need.

What does competition mean in biotic factors?

competition, in ecology, utilization of the same resources by organisms of the same or of different species living together in a community, when the resources are not sufficient to fill the needs of all the organisms.

How do biotic factors affect populations?

Biotic and abiotic factors determine the population size of a species in an ecosystem. Biotic factors include the amount of food that is available to that species and the number of organisms that also use that food source. …

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Does competition involve abiotic factors?

Competition is one of many interacting biotic and abiotic factors that affect community structure. Competition among members of the same species is known as intraspecific competition, while competition between individuals of different species is known as interspecific competition.