What is recycled sub base?

What is recycled base?

Recycled CLII base rock is a sustainable product made from 100-percent recycled rock material that is often times taken from concrete or concrete asphalt products. … Torn down roadways, curbs, gutters and other rock structures can be broken down, re-crushed and reprocessed to form what is called recycled CLII base rock.

What is the difference between 6F1 and 6F2?

6F1/6F4 (formerly 6F1 Recycled) is a finer capping layer that is used in the same way as 6F5 but with a finer grading. … 6F2/6F5 Recycled is a coarse-graded material ranging from 125mm to dust. 6F2/6F5 is typically used for piling mats, haul roads and temporary hard-standings, such as car parks.

Is 6F2 a waste?

We are regularly asked by our customers to remove or relocate 6F2 from their sites which has been used for temporary works. The material is then technically deemed a waste product.

How does sub-base work?

A sub-base works by distributing a point load over a larger area. The interlock between adjacent particles of the sub-base material ensures that a relatively thin layer of the right sort of crushed aggregate can dramatically improve the ability of the ground to carry comparatively heavy loads.

What does sub-base do?

The function of a subbase is to help prevent pumping of fine-grained, subgrade soils. Pumping, which leads to the loss of soil material beneath slab edges and joints, occurs when three factors exist in combination: pumpable soils, excess water under the pavement, and frequent heavy truck loads.

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