What is the environmental charge on Stena Line?

What are environmental charges?

A percentage of energy bills comprises of environmental charges, these charges are costs associated with schemes that are aimed at promoting efficient use of energy, reducing greenhouse gas as well as funding renewable energy generation.

Can you stay in your car on Stenaline?

Stena Line, one of the largest ferry operators in the world, runs six routes between Britain and Ireland. … Regarding their current guidelines, Mr Loren confirms that their passengers are not legally allowed to stay in their vehicles while the ferry is in operation.

How much does it cost to change a Stena Line Booking?

Amendment fee Economy. This fee is charged by Stena Line for changing a booking and applies only to Economy tickets. This fee is €35,- per leg. If you change your reservation by phone or e-mail a service fee of €7,50 in addition to the €35,- change fee will be charged.

Can you take alcohol on Stenaline?

Alcohol: No alcohol may be brought on board for consumption on your crossing.

What is an environmental surcharge?

Environmental Surcharge means and include any and all expenses, taxes, charges or penalties imposed by the U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the federal Clean Air Act, or any regulations promulgated thereunder, or any other local, state or federal governmental agency or entity now or …

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What is an environmental recovery fee?

The Environmental Recovery Fee (“ERF”) is an enterprise-wide recurring fee that is a set percentage of all invoice charges, except taxes. It is not a tax, surcharge or fee mandated by or remitted to any governmental or regulatory agency. … Your ERF will be combined with your FRF on your invoice.

What is premium on Stena Line?

PREMIUM. Our Premium fare offers you the most favourable conditions, greater flexibility, *Stena Plus Lounge access and other benefits. Please note, complimentary access to the Stena Plus Lounge applies to certain routes only. It is not available on our Frederikshavn – Gothenburg route.

Are Stena Line taking foot passengers?

Yes, you can travel as a foot passenger on all sailings, within governmental guidelines, except early-morning and late-night sailings on our Cairnryan-Belfast and Holyhead-Dublin routes.

Can you cancel Stena Line?

Yes you can easily amend or cancel your booking online at any time prior to your departure by clicking on the “Login or Manage Booking” link located at the top right of the site and following the instructions.

What does amend booking mean?

If you modify a reservation, you change a detail of a booking because someone who has booked a room has asked you to. Reception will be able to modify the reservation to add more guests.

How do I cancel my Stena Line Booking?

When you log into your Stena Line profile, click the “My bookings” link. You will then be presented with a screen that shows your booking history with us. Simply select the booking you wish to amend or cancel by clicking on the booking reference and you will see an overview of your booking details.

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