What role does the Environmental Protection Agency EPA play in protecting the environment?

What was the role of the Environmental Protection Agency EPA quizlet?

The job of the Environmental Protection Agency is to be the primary agency who regulates environmental law. It was created in 1970. They establish programs that are aimed at reducing pollution and protecting the environment.

What are three of the main functions of the Environmental Protection Agency EPA?

EPA works to ensure that:

  • Americans have clean air, land and water;
  • National efforts to reduce environmental risks are based on the best available scientific information;
  • Federal laws protecting human health and the environment are administered and enforced fairly, effectively and as Congress intended;

What are 5 functions of the Environmental Protection Agency EPA )?

The EPA has five main objectives, called “core functions.” These include: 1) Pollution Prevention, which is also know as “source reduction”; 2) Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction, which is the task of identifying those issues which pose the greatest risks to human health and the environment and taking action to reduce …

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What does the EPA protect quizlet?

The EPA is an agency of the United States federal government whose mission is to protect human and environmental health.

Which of the following are functions roles of the EPA quizlet?

Which of the following are functions/roles of the EPA? –The establishment and enforcement of environmental protection standards consistent with national environmental goals. -Assisting others, through grants, technical assistance, and other means in arresting pollution of the environment.

What is the role of the environmental Agency?

The stated purpose of the Environment Agency is: “to protect or enhance the environment, taken as a whole” so as to promote “the objective of achieving sustainable development”. This protection includes threats such as pollution and flooding.

What are the main functions of the EPA?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established on December 30th 1994, (Act 490) and given the responsibility to regulate the environment and to ensure the implementation of governments policy on the environment.

How does the EPA protect the environment?

Clean Air and Climate Protection

The EPA sets limits on dangerous air pollutants from factories, refineries, power plants, oil and gas extraction, and vehicles. … Smog-forming, Soot Pollution and Toxic Air Limits – The EPA sets health standards for air pollution to guarantee all Americans the right to breathe safe air.

Why is the Environmental Protection Agency important?

The EPA is a real champion when it comes to holding polluters accountable for making communities sick that are historically disadvantaged. Reduces waste and helps clean up when harmful substances pollute our land! That includes waste from landfills, fossil fuel power plants, and so much more.

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Who is responsible for environmental protection?

Since 1970, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been working to protect the nation’s natural resources. We do not work alone. EPA has partnerships with state and local governments, other federal agencies, environmental groups, businesses and industries, and growing legions of concerned citizens.