What type of climate is required for growing tea?

What kind of climate is required to grow tea?

Tea requires a moderately hot and humid climate. Climate influences yield, crop distribution and quality. Therefore, before cultivating tea in a new area, the suitability of the climate is the first point to be considered. Tea grows best on well-drained fertile acid soil on high lands.

What does a tea plant requires to grow?


Climatically, tea belongs to the monsoon lands where high temperatures, long growing season and heavy rainfall help the growth of tea plants. A temperature of 21°C during the growing season of not less than eight months is ideal.

What is the temperature for tea?

Tea temperature chart

Amount of Tea Leaves Water Temperature
Black 1 level tsp. per 6oz. full boil (212°)
Green 1 level tsp. per 6oz. steaming briskly (175-180°)
White 2 level tsp. per 6oz. steaming briskly (175-180°)
Oolong 1 level tsp. per 6oz. almost boiling (195°)

Where do tea plants grow in India?

Top 10 Tea Estates in India You Can Explore

  • Nilgiri Tea Plantations, Tamil Nadu. …
  • Jorhat Tea Bungalows, Assam. …
  • Kanan Devan Hills Plantation, Munnar. …
  • Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling. …
  • Kelagur Tea Estate, Karnataka. …
  • Darang Tea Estate, Himachal Pradesh. …
  • Gatoonga Tea Estate, Assam. …
  • Cooch Behar Tea Estate, West Bengal.

Which type of soil is best for tea cultivation?

Laterite soils is most suited for tea cultivation. Laterite is a soil and rock type rich in iron and aluminium and is commonly considered to have formed in hot and wet tropical areas.

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