Which of the factor is not the factor of the abiotic environment?

Which is not a factor of abiotic environment?

Metals are non-living and occur naturally in the environment too, these are hence abiotic resources. Option C) Fish– It is the correct answer. Fish are living and do not occur naturally but as a result of reproduction. So, they are not an abiotic resource but a biotic resource and therefore, the right answer.

Which is the factor of abiotic environment?

An abiotic factor is a non-living part of an ecosystem that shapes its environment. In a terrestrial ecosystem, examples might include temperature, light, and water. In a marine ecosystem, abiotic factors would include salinity and ocean currents.

What are the 7 abiotic factors?

In biology, abiotic factors can include water, light, radiation, temperature, humidity, atmosphere, acidity, and soil.

Which of the following is not physical factor in ecosystem?

Explanation: Algae is not a physical factor in ecosystem.

What are abiotic resources 8?

Abiotic Resources: Abiotic Resources are resources that are non-living. These resources fall under the larger category of natural resources which occur naturally within the environment and aren’t created or produced by humans. Abiotic factors are nonliving physical and chemical elements within the ecosystem.

Which is not an abiotic component of environment soil bacteria water air?

Answer: No, the natural environment does not only consist of water, soil, temperature, air and sunlight in a place. This is because a natural environment constitute abiotic and biotic components of the environment. Soil, water, air, temperature and sunlight only represent the abiotic components of the environment.

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What are the 4 abiotic factors?

The most important abiotic factors include water, sunlight, oxygen, soil and temperature.