Which of the following Cannot be classified as biotic factors?

Which of the following Cannot be classified as biotic factor?

Which of the following can not be classified as biotic factors? … Thus minerals are abiotic components and microorganisms and fossil fuels are biotic components.

What are not biotic factors?

Abiotic factors refer to non-living physical and chemical elements in the ecosystem. Abiotic resources are usually obtained from the lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere. Examples of abiotic factors are water, air, soil, sunlight, and minerals.

What are the 7 biotic factors?

Biotic factors include animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and protists. Some examples of abiotic factors are water, soil, air, sunlight, temperature, and minerals.

Which is not a factor of abiotic environment?

Decomposer is NOT correct. Sunlight, water, and temperature all are abiotic factors.

What is biotic and non biotic?

Biotic and abiotic factors are what make up ecosystems. Biotic factors are living things within an ecosystem; such as plants, animals, and bacteria, while abiotic are non-living components; such as water, soil and atmosphere. The way these components interact is critical in an ecosystem.

Is a tree a biotic factor?

You could say the dead tree is now an abiotic factor because biotic factors refer to living things. … Alternatively, you could argue that the tree was once living and biotic factors are things that are living or were once living. Thus, the tree is a biotic factor.

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Which is not an example of a biotic factor in the environment?

Biotic factors are those in ecosystem that consists of all living organisms such as plants, trees, humans, insects, animals, birds, etc. … Abiotic factors are those that contain non-living organisms. These factors include soil, air, water, sun light, etc.

Which of the following is a biotic factors?

The biotic factors include the living organisms like plants, animals, humans, microorganisms, worms etc.