Which of the following is an example of environmental variation?

What is an example of environmental variation?

Environmental causes of variation

For example, you will become heavier if you eat too much food, and you will become lighter if you eat too little. A plant in the shade of a big tree will grow taller as it tries to reach more light. Variation caused by the surroundings is called environmental variation .

What is meant by environmental variation write with an example?

the ability of an organism to alter greatly its PHENOTYPE depending upon environmental conditions. The phenomenon is seen most clearly in plants, perhaps because they are fixed in the ground. For example, a dandelion will produce an erect habit with long flower stalks if in a garden border with other plants.

What is environmental variance?

environmental variance The portion of phenotypic variance that is due to differences in the environments to which the individuals in a population have been exposed.

What is an example of genetic and environmental variation?

Genetic and environmental variation

For example, the weight of a dog is caused partly by its genes – inherited – and partly by what it eats – environmental. The height of a sunflower is caused partly by its genes and partly by how much light and water it gets.

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What are examples of environmental traits?

Examples of environmental traits are your favorite music, being a good basketball player, and the language you speak. These traits are environmental traits because they are traits that you choose or learn, or that are influenced by the place you live. Explore the inherited traits and learned behaviors of a classmate.

What are the environmental causes of variation?

Environmental causes of variation

Characteristics of animal and plant species can be affected by factors such as climate, diet, accidents, culture and lifestyle. For example, if you eat too much food you will gain weight, and if you eat too little you will lose weight.

What is an example of environmental variation in humans?

Environmental Variation

For example, environmental variations in humans could be: Hair length – what length you choose to have your hair. Scars – caused by accidents personal to you. Muscle strength – dependent on how much exercise you do.

What are the examples of continuous variation?

Examples of continuous variation include things like a person’s height and weight. Examples of discontinuous variation include a person’s blood group or the color of a species of bird. These variations can exist for two major reasons.

How do you measure environmental variation?

Estimates of general environmental variance can be determined by growing or raising the same set of genetic lines in all environments of interest. For example, water is required for all plants, but the amount that promotes maximum growth differs among both species and genetic lines of a species.

What is additive variation?

Additive variation is the total effect on a trait stemming from one or more gene loci. Each locus contributes to the trait in a measurable way.

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