Frequent question: Is recycled glass cheaper than granite?

Crushed glass countertops are fairly expensive at $50-$100 per square foot, but most actually cost less than granite, quartz, concrete, slate, marble or a few other high-end options.

Are recycled glass countertops cheaper?

The price of installing recycled glass countertops will usually increase between 4% and 12% in homes with complicated layouts or installations, and homes in major urban areas will usually be near the higher end of pricing. Thicker slabs and complex edge requirements will also increase the base price.

How much does recycled glass cost?

On average, recycled glass countertops cost $75 per square foot for materials alone. This number can fluctuate depending on the brand and type. Materials range from $50 to $110 per square foot+.

Recycled Glass Countertop Prices.

Type Material Per Square Foot
Sea Glass $70+
Crushed $50-$100
Vetrazzo $85-$165
IceStone $45+

Are recycled glass worktops expensive?

Glass countertops can be expensive.

In comparison with other materials, glass countertops are less budget-friendly. … Also, getting a professional to install a glass counter is a must because of the risk of cracks and chips.

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What material is cheaper than granite?

Cheap Kitchen Countertop Alternatives

Material Cheap to Expensive (Per Square Foot)*
Marble/Quartz/Engineered Stone $50-$90
Wood $50-$100
Soapstone $50-$100
Stainless Steel $65-$150

Is recycled glass cheaper than quartz?

Quartz is also very competitively-priced compared to the cost for recycled glass countertops. They can start as low as $40 per square foot, all the way up to $100-plus for custom, ultra-luxurious designs.

What is the least expensive countertop material?

Laminate is the most affordable material for use in countertops. It comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, many of which are created to look like granite, marble or other high-end materials. Most laminate countertops are attractive and surprisingly durable.

Why is recycling glass bad?

Glass is becoming the contaminant

In a single stream recycling system, glass is increasingly becoming the contaminant. Broken glass can contaminate other recyclables like paper and cardboard, lowering their value.

How much does a ton of recycled glass cost?

Shannon said it costs between $70 and $90 to process a ton of glass. That then is sold for around $10 a ton. The value of other recyclables, including paper, plastic and aluminum, can generate $100 a ton. “When you put glass into the mix it drags down the average value of the materials,” Shannon said.

Are recycled glass countertops good?

Recycled glass counters resist heat and scratches, and this may make them a durable option in terms of everyday use, but overall, they are not as durable as other materials. The glass may chip if heavy objects are dropped, or sharp objects such as knives are scraped on the surface, particularly around the edges.

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What are the pros and cons of recycled glass countertops?

Recycled Glass Countertops Pros and Cons

  • Durability. The glass used in countertops is extremely durable. …
  • Environmentally Friendly. …
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance. …
  • Versatility. …
  • Damage Control. …
  • Harmful Substances. …
  • Expensive Proposition. …
  • Not Completely Earth Friendly.

Are recycled glass countertops heavy?

Recycled glass countertops are extremely heavy, weighing at least 14.5 pounds per square foot.

Do glass countertops scratch?

Scratch resistance – Even though glass countertops are extremely durable and heat resistant, they do scratch so you’ll need to use cutting boards for chopping.

What is the cheapest way to replace countertops?

Budget-Friendly Countertop Options

  1. Laminate counters are the most affordable option available. …
  2. Tile countertops can be cost effective, depending on the material you choose. …
  3. Butcher block has a classic appeal that complements a traditional kitchen or can add unexpected contrast to a modern space.

What is the cheapest option for stone countertops?

Slate is one of the most affordable options for natural stone countertops. Prices average between $55 to $65 per square foot.

Which is cheaper quartz or granite?

Quartz is generally less expensive.

But with the exception of the cheapest granite, quartz is generally less expensive—$70 to $100 per square foot installed compared with granite’s price range of $60 to $270 per square foot installed.