Quick Answer: Why should farmers care about climate change?

How do farmers benefit from climate change?

Pros of Climate Change in Agriculture

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, in some areas, an increase in temperature may benefit the types of crops typically planted there and/or allow farmers to cultivate crops more commonly grown in warmer places.

Why is climate important to farmers?

It also affects plants’ phenological growth (phases in the plant’s development which require certain thresholds of sunlight, heat and moisture) and physical growth, as well as animal growth and exposure to pests and diseases. Ultimately it contributes directly to yield.

Do farmers care about climate change?

Four out of every five farmers taking part in the Farm Poll said climate change is occuring, up from seven out of 10 in the 2011 survey. And a growing portion of farmers express concern about the potential impact — 51% in the latest poll compared with 35% a decade ago.

Why should farmers care about the environment?

Ultimately, farmers cannot afford to not take care of the land – it supplies their income, recreation and future dreams. Over 90% of American farms are family owned. So, the preservation of natural resources will also likely determine the success of a farm as it’s handed down to the generations to come.

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What are farmers doing to protect the environment?

Sustainable farming practices include: using compost, cover crops, and rotational grazing to build healthy living soil; rotating crops and using companion planting to attract beneficial organisms to fight pests; integrating crops and livestock; planting trees and shrubs to increase biodiversity; working with land …

What do you feel about global warming?

– Most people of the world feel that climate change is likely to destroy the world’s economy, flood cities, cause mass migrations and even cause regional wars. More than half of the world also feels that climate change will cause a new world war, although Europe and the United States think that is less likely.