Best answer: How is industry responsible for environmental degradation India?

Answer: Industries are responsible for environmental degradation in India by following ways: The presence of high proportion of undesirable gases such as sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide is a product of these industries. … with carbon, plastic and rubber into the water bodies.

How Industry is responsible for environmental degradation?

Industries cause environmental degradation through four main types of pollution i.e. air pollution, water pollution, land pollution or soil degradation, and noise pollution. … Rain water falling on polluted land dissolves and carries many of the pollutants further into the ground and pollutes groundwater.

How are industries responsible for environmental degradation in India give five points?

Industries are responsible for environment degradation in India in the following ways: … There are four types of pollution caused by industries- air pollution, land pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution.

How industries responsible for environmental degradation in India elaborate the statement with examples?

1. It led to the clearing of huge patches of land for establishing factories. 2. Industries release many poisonous gases like carbon-di-oxide which cause air pollution.

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What are the main causes of environmental degradation in India?

The main causes of the land degradation includes climate change, land clearance and deforestation, depletion of soil nutrients through poor farming practices, overgrazing and over grafting. In India, water erosion is the most prominent reason of land degradation.

How is an industry responsible for pollution?

Industries are responsible for four types of pollution: (a) Air (b) Water (c) Land (d) Noise. The polluting industries also include thermal power plants. Air pollution is caused by the presence of high proportion of undesirable gases, such as sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide. … into the water bodies.

Which factors are responsible for land degradation in India?

The main causes of degradation due to direct/indirect human intervention are deforestation and removal of natural vegetation, overgrazing, converting forests to farms, cultivating steep slopes and degrading marginal lands, other agriculture- related activities and over exploitation of the vegetation for domestic …

How does industry cause land degradation 10?

(i) Mineral processing like grinding of limestone for cement industry, and calcite and soapstone for ceramic industries generates heavy amount of dust and releases it in the atmosphere. … (ii) Out of their greed, various industry owner resort to cutting of trees indiscriminately which turns the land into wasteland.

How does industry affect the environment?

At the same time, industrial processes can have negative environmental impacts, causing climate change, loss of natural resources, air and water pollution and extinction of species. These threaten the global environment as well as economic and social welfare.

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Who is responsible for environmental degradation?

Environmental degradation is a result of the dynamic inter play of socio-economic, institutional and technological activities. Environmental changes may be driven by many factors including economic growth, population growth, urbanization, intensification of agriculture, rising energy use and transportation.

How does industry cause land degradation?

Answer: The land is degraded by Industrial wastes like garbage, harmful effluents, harmful chemicals, glass and packaging and salts. These industrial wastes make the soil useless and less fertile.

How does industrial pollution cause land degradation explain with example?

The pollution emitted from industries is known as industrial pollution. It includes polluting the air, water and land. … Industries cause land degradation by not effectively exhausting their waste and radioactive material. Rather it is dumped on the ground.

How do industries pollute the environment discuss the steps to be taken to Minimise environmental degradation by industry?

(i) Minimising use water for processing by reusing and recycling it in two or more successive stages. (ii) Harvesting of rainwater to meet water requirements. (iii) Treating hot water and effluents before releasing them in rivers and ponds.