Frequent question: Why are developed countries responsible for climate?

Why are developed countries more responsible for climate change?

Developed countries have been able to minimize the adverse effects of climate change due to some factors such as natural advantage, high adaptation techniques, high technology, mechanized agricultural system and wealth status.

Are developed countries responsible for climate change?

Developed Countries Are Responsible for 79 Percent of Historical Carbon Emissions | Center For Global Development.

How do developed countries affect the environment?

Developed countries have the resources and technologies to combat pollution. … This may lead to environmental pollution and degradation. More so, energy access, and at a lower price, is necessary to make the industries in developing countries competitive and contribute to economic growth, job creation and development.

Which country is the most responsible for climate change?

Cumulative per-capita emissions

Rank Country Country
1 Canada New Zealand
2 United States Canada
3 Estonia Australia
4 Australia United States

Why developed countries should help developing?

The developed countries can provide funds to open new schools and polytechnic institutions. These will not only increase the literacy rate, but will also provide vocational education. … This will promote help poor people to gain higher education. Finally, rich nations should help to improve the economy of poor countries.

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How do developed countries contribute to air pollution?

Developed countries are more likely to invest in cleaner fuel sources, and technologies that limit emissions, because they have the economic resources to do so. Energy production is one of the most polluting activities because much of the energy production in developed countries comes from coal.

How much do developing countries contribute to climate change?

Developing Countries Are Responsible for 63 Percent of Current Carbon Emissions.