Question: How do you recycle Febreze plugins?

GO to your local Walmart, and drop off your old plug-in in the recycle bin near the air freshener aisle. Scan the QR code on the recycle bin display with your smartphone camera and redeem your offer for a Free Plug-In only at Walmart.

Can you recycle Febreze plug ins?

It’s free. It’s easy. It keeps the environment fresh. TerraCycle offers free recycling programs for items that cannot be recycled curbside.

FEBREZE AIR TERRACYCLE plastic bottle and trigger head
FEBREZE PLUG CURBSIDE RECYCLE packaging and flexible film, glass bottle (if separated)

How do you dispose of air freshener plugs?

Dispose of empty, nonaerosol containers in the garbage. Empty aerosol cans can be recycled with steel cans. Second best: Take to a hazardous waste facility or collection event. Third best: Dispose of solid leftover product in the garbage.

Can you recycle plug in air fresheners?

How do I recycle plug in air freshener? … If that’s the case (and someone please correct me if I’m wrong), then they should be recycled along with other WEEE waste, wherever it’s collected near you (usually the local tip/household waste centre).

How do you dispose of Febreze?

Household Use: Consumers may dispose of small (household) quantities down the drain with large quantities of water. Discard empty container in trash or thoroughly rinse and recycle container where facilities exist.

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How do you dispose of empty Febreze bottles?

Please take them to a recycling center that is equipped to handle aerosol containers. Use the map below to find recycling centers near you that accept aerosol containers.

How do you refill Febreze plug in?


  1. Remove warmer and discard empty bottle unit. From new refill, unscrew both caps and discard.
  2. Insert bottle unit completely into warmer until you hear a click.
  3. Adjust warmer to desired intensity.
  4. Insert warmer unit UPRIGHT into outlet. Rotate plug if necessary.

Are plug ins recyclable?

The rest (the HDPE plastic bottles) are recycled nationwide by kerbside recycling systems. Febreze Plug-In: plug and wicks, the plastic cap and flexible film can all be sent to TerraCycle. … The cardboard element of the packaging can go in your kerbside recycling.

Is Febreze air freshener recyclable?

Every piece of your favorite Febreze products is recyclable.