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Site Information Update

Ecovillage Site Funding MemeSharing Word of our Work!


The last couple of months have been something of another roller-coaster ride for the Enriched Earth project! Who ever said setting up a pioneering educational ecovillage in Ireland would be easy? Eh, no-one!

We had agreed a site, however due to a number of unforeseen factors, we had to withdraw from the sale.

We are now, however, once more in the position of seeking to purchase the site of our dreams which has incredible potential for the project… and crucially with enough existing infrastructure to meet our needs!  However it does require significant funding investment and we very much need further private ethical investment, philanthropic donations and are once again reviewing a range of potential grant funding. We had always planned to wait until we bought the site before running our planned Crowdfunding campaign… but we are currently reviewing all options to raise as much capital as we can to not just buy this awesome site but to develop it further into an international centre of excellence in the field of education for sustainable living.

At this stage, we are asking you, our wonderful team of supporters: to once again, share word of our endeavours and our invitation to all who care about education for sustainable living to support us, in whatever way you can.

We know that our project is amazing! We know that Ireland needs an Educational Ecovillage! We are delighted with all the support we have so far and we are soooooo close to achieving the success we have worked so hard for over the last 3 1/2 years.

We know there are other ethical investors out there with the capital waiting for a worthy cause to support. We know there are other people out there who share our dream of living in an inspirational and sustainable way. People who are not content to sit on their hands while the natural world is ravaged by short-term greed and outmoded ways of living. We know that we are part of the solution and we have to make it happen!

The site we seek to buy is fantastic! It’s in the Wild West of Ireland. It’s by a beautiful lake. Its surrounded by native woodland. Its already home to an incredible range of biodiversity that we seek to protect and enhance. It has the infrastructure and sites for at least 12 low-impact homes and a Community Hub. It has a fresh water well. It is close to public transport links. It is perfect for our needs.

We have also, following requests from supporters, set up a paypal account for general donations towards the cause via (these can be sent as friends at this stage!) Every penny counts and every penny will go directly towards the project. I suppose this is an informal crowd-funding option 🙂

In other related news:

We are delighted that a motion proposed by John-Paul Patton of support for an Educational Ecovillage in Ireland was overwhelmingly passed by the Green Party of NI in Belfast at their AGM.

Also we are delighted to have Peter Guest and Tom Griffiths of Northern Ireland Investments supporting Enriched Earth and they have agreed to sit on our Board. Their considerable expertise and advice has already been invaluable as we develop our project and brand.

We are on the brink of success but we do need more financial and PR support and are inviting you to help in any way you can.

Let’s make this happen!

Onwards! <3




John-Paul Patton
  • Patrick Garretson
    Posted at 19:16h, 16 January Reply

    This sounds like a wonderful project and I’m interested in seeing how things develop. I don’t really have money to invest at this time, but a plethora of skills and interest in being involved possibly in the future. Currently residing in California, but my girlfriend and I both acutely interested in moving to Ireland. We’re both a part of a Celtic Polytheist group here and quite fond of Ireland’s “Wild West”. Link below on our group.

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