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Thanks all… so where now?

Guys its been an age since last blog, sorry about that, its been a crazy journey and had really hoped the next post here would be to confirm we had EVENTUALLY closed the sale on the Doon cottages site… we were so so close, time and again… but sadly I have to say that not only did sale fall through towards end of 2020 (after near a year of toing and froing between solicitors and having more investors in and out than the hokey pokey) but having regrouped and renewed with a strong investment team in Febuary 2021 and put together an updated investment proposal… we have just found out that some one else has went sale agreed on the Doon Cottages site and have signed contracts. Gutted. Seems it just wasn’t meant to be. We did contact through the agent the new buyers to see if they would be open to a partnership but they declined. It may be a blessing in disguise as part of the investor issues and delays where around some significant challenges with any potential planning on the site.

It has been an epic 7 years I have been working on this project and I have given it my all, 100%. So at least I can say with hand on heart, I have done all I could to this point. It has been a great adventure and I have learnt so much. Where does it go from here? I remain ever the optimist despite this latest blow (I really thought we were on the home run to closing there!) I think Ecovillages are the future.

However I think what is most vital at this stage is the ‘Cluster Model’ approach that we have been developing. Be the Ecovillage where you are. Make Community with your local Eco people and projects and be the change. Enriched Earth will carry on its work in tandem with GEN and GENWISE to develop Ecovillage Projects in Ireland and there are many amazing projects all over the Island. So let’s see how the next steps unfold.

We also have at least two other target sites for an Educational Ecovillage project, though they will both require significant further funding. These are the Boghill Centre in Clare and in a spirit of aiming for the Stars the fantastic Hollybrook Estate in Co. Sligo. We think, with the right team, this place has huge potential. If anyone would be interested in being part of a co-purchase partnership with us on this. Please email me via this site has a big price tag but huge potential for an Educational Ecovillage and Irish Cultural Heritage site. Anyone interested in being part of a co-purchase team on this site, please email

Also anyone who wishes to set up an Ecovillage Project in their local area and community, please feel free to get in touch and we are happy to help any way we can. If you have a team of 8+ people who share our vision and values in a local bioregion: you can form an Ecovillage Community Project.

Anyway. I don’t have much more to add here. Except to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been part of the Enriched Earth Ecovillage project to date and to all the many souls who have supported us. Most especially I would like to thank on behalf of our team Social Enterpise NI for the amazing training and support given, especially in the early set up stage. Special thanks also to the support given by Boyle Town Team, the local community in Boyle and Roscommon Council.

I personally think Boyle has huge potential to pioneer a wider Ecovillage/Eco-Town project (which we had hoped to be part of via the Doon site). Amazing place and the sense of Community I experienced in my time living in the Boyle area has been incredible. Most especially from my experience as a ‘dancing Nun’ in Boyle Musical Societies fabulous and award winning production of ‘Sister Act.’ 🙂 Also the work being done by Roscommon Transition Towns is totally inspirational and one to watch <3

We need to build a better world and I think Covid has made everyone reflect on what is most important in life. Let’s all be part of creating a ‘new normal’ where the natural environment and learning to live in synergy with it and each other, is given priority. To mitigate Climate Change and The Biodiversity Mass Extinction Event we are in; we need to build Regenerative Communities where we are, now. We can do it. Onwards! <3

John-Paul Patton
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